Chiltepin Pepper Live Plant

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Scoville Heat Units (SHU):
50,000 - 100,000

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For such a small size, Chiltepin peppers pack a pretty big punch as they average about 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville Heat Units. They're slightly smaller than Pequin peppers, but they have the heat of a Thai pepper. Chiltepin peppers are smoky, with a hint of fruitiness and are commonly sun-dried prior to consumption. Even though these peppers are small, Chiltepin peppers are still commonly used to spice up meals. Chiltepins, whether they're dried or fresh, are mixed in with sauces, salsas, and are ground into powders for spices. A favorite for many is pickled chiltepins, which creates a delicious condiment.

The Chiltepin pepper is native to the United States and actually has a rich history in Native American culture. After harvesting Chiltepin peppers, Native American communities held rituals that brought families and friends together.


At Tyler Farms, we grow our plants the old fashioned way: no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, and we only use all natural fertilizers such as worm castings and fish emulsion. Plants are shipped in 3 inch reusable plastics pots and approximately 4 to 6 inches tall. 

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