At Tyler Farms, we work to create industry-leading policies and enforce responsible practices in sustainable agriculture. We constantly exploring the ways in which we can protect and conserve our planet by improving our operational practices to promote sustainability.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. For us, it’s not just a poster in a middle-school cafeteria. It’s a motto to live by. We recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, and metal, and we always try to use recycled and reclaimed materials, whether we’re building grow boxes for our own plants or packaging your live plants for shipping.

Our live plants are shipped in boxes that made from recycled paper, and often times plants are shipped in boxes that have been recycled from local businesses. Rather than send boxes to the landfill, we believe in reusing them. 



Using Mulch to Conserve Water

We believe Mother Earth’s soil must be protected, maintained, built and nourished. Our farm uses mulch to conserve water and enhance our soil structure. Our mulch is all natural, consisting of wood chips, dead leaves, branches and other plant debris which accumulate on our farm. Bacteria, fungi and other living organisms use these raw organic materials for food, a process we know as decay, which is nature's way of returning to the earth the raw materials borrowed by previous generations of plants.

A mulch cover of various organic materials on our soil enables, conserves, and enhances our precious soil. With better soil structure comes better water absorption. Natural mulches not only conserve moisture by reducing evaporation, they also help feed plants. Mulching creates healthy soils that are rich in organic matter and "alive" with microorganisms, which break down nutrients to make them available to plants. Mulch helps keep the soil cool and hydrated, enhancing plant establishment and overall vigor. Healthy plants are more resistant to pest damage.  

Mulching makes our farm’s maintenance more efficient while also encouraging better plant growth and development, and makes all farm maintenance operations easier.


All Natural, non-GMO Plants and Seeds

At Tyler Farms, we grow our plants the old fashioned way: no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, and we only use all natural fertilizers like worm castings and fish emulsion. Through our sustainable agricultural practices, we are committed to providing growers with naturally grown live plants and seeds. This commitment reflects our concern for the quality and health of our environment. All of our seeds are both all natural and non-GMO. 


Biological Pest Control

By building up populations of beneficial insects, we are able to combat harmful pests. These beneficial insects, including ladybugs, help us by eating adult pests and eating pest eggs. Ladybug colonies are frequently spotted at Tyler Farms along with other beneficial insects that work as our biological pest controllers.