Vegas Serrano Pepper Seeds

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Scoville Heat Units (SHU):
12,500 - 23,000

Vegas Serranos are larger and slightly spicier than traditional Serranos. They were originally grown and developed in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is where the name came from, and are known for being able to tolerate hot, dry climates. The Vegas Serrano has a medium heat level as it averages about 12,500 to 23,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), which makes it hotter than a typical Jalapeno  but not quite as hot as a Thai pepper or Habanero pepper.  The Vegas Serrano is a great pepper for those who want a higher heat level than a Jalapeno, but don't want the spicy heat of a Tabasco pepper or Charleston pepper.

The flavor of the Vegas Serrano is very similar to that of the Serrano Tampiqueno. They can be eaten raw as the skin of the pepper is thin compared to many peppers that have thick skin, like the Poblano pepper. Because of their thin skin and medium heat level, Vegas Serrano peppers are great for salsa and hot sauce making.

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    Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2018

    I bought these things a couple months ago after deciding to start my own backyard garden. I had no idea how healthy peppers are. Do yourself a favor and Google health benefits of peppers and he will not be sorry! It more peppers.

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    Seeds are thriving

    Posted by VivaLasVegas on 27th Apr 2018

    Here in Henderson, NV, these seeds are loving the climate! Looking forward to my first harvest in a couple months.

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    Hot peppers!

    Posted by Ricardo S. on 22nd Apr 2018

    I am new to hot peppers so I thought I would give this variety a try since I heard they were easy to grow. I did find them to be easy to grow and I will admit that I am not the best at making sure I water regularly. The growing process was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’ve used my peppers to make curry, salsa, and I even tried to make a batch of hot sauce. It didn’t turn out very good, but I can’t blame the peppers for that!

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    Vegas Serranos love TEXAS!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2018

    The seeds germinated quickly and have developed into very healthy looking plants. I live in southwestern Texas so I thought I'd give the Vegas Serranos a try. I'm glad I did, the plants seem to love my local climate!

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    Great germination rates

    Posted by Dante D. on 23rd Feb 2018

    I planted these seeds earlier this season and have had great luck with them so far! Almost every seed sprouted and the plants are now several inches tall. I'm a happy camper!

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    As advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2017

    I live in Nevada so I wanted to try these peppers to see how their handled the dry climate. They thrived! Very cool variety.