Navel Orange Seeds

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Our farm fresh, naturally grown Navel Orange seeds allow you to grow your own fruit trees, indoor or outdoor. Navel Orange trees thrive in warm climates and are ideal candidates for container gardening in cooler areas. Navel Oranges are citrus fruits prized for their delicious taste, pulp and sweet rind used in culinary creations. 

The fruit of Navel Orange trees typically has a high juice content compared to most other varieties of Orange, it has very few seeds and is easy to peel compared to other citrus fruits.

 Due to USDA guidelines and regulations, citrus seeds cannot be shipped to the following states and territories: AS, AZ, CA, FL, GU, HI, LA, MP, PR, TX and USVI.

Our complete tropical fruit seed collection includes  Key LimeMeyer LemonBlood OrangeMangoKiwano Horned MelonDragon Fruit (Pitaya)Hass Avocado, and Papaya seeds. Our tropical fruit seeds combined with our pepper  seeds provide growers with a unique experience: paradise and a little spice!

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