Meyer Lemon Seeds

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Our farm fresh, naturally grown Meyer lemon seeds allow you to grow your own fruit trees, indoor or outdoor. Meyer Lemon  trees are vigorous fruit producers and a single seed has the potential of yielding thousands of lemons. While these Meyer lemon trees produce can fruit throughout the year, the majority of the crop is harvest-ready in the fall and winter.

Meyer lemon trees can be grown on balconies, patios, and limited-space gardens. Enjoy the attractive trees and the scent of indoor winter blossoms if you choose to plant your citrus trees in an indoor container. Many people grow these Meyer lemon trees as ornamentals because the small trees are attractive even if they do not have fruit.

Our complete tropical fruit seed collection includes Key LimeMeyer LemonBlood OrangeMangoKiwano Horned MelonDragon Fruit (Pitaya)Hass Avocadoand Papaya seeds. Our tropical fruit seeds combined with our pepper seeds provide growers with a unique experience: paradise and a little spice!