Red Scotch Bonnet Foodarama Pepper Seeds

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Scoville Heat Units (SHU):
100,000 - 350,000

The appearance of the Scotch Bonnet pepper is what inspired its name as its squashed look resembles a Scotsman’s bonnet, which is called a Tam o’Shanter hat. The Scotch Bonnet Foodarama pepper is considered a hot pepper as it averages 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville Heat Units, which is about the same as a Habanero pepper.

The pepper has a slightly sweet taste, with a slight hint of apples and cherries, but the heat kicks in shortly after consumption. It’s very closely related to the Red Habanero, so those who have tasted a Red Habanero have a good idea of what a Scotch Bonnet Foodarama is like in terms of heat, but the Scotch Bonnet Foodarama has a fruitier flavor.

The sweetness of the Scotch Bonnet makes it a very popular pepper for Caribbean cooking and hot sauces. Scotch Bonnet Foodarama peppers are used in all sorts of Caribbean cuisine, including the well-known jerk chicken and jerk pork. The appearance of the Scotch Bonnet Foodarama pepper is somewhat similar to the Bishop's Crown pepper, but the Scotch Bonnet Foodarama is much hotter. The peppers are round and look somewhat like flying saucers. Scotch Bonnet Foodarama pepper plants are high yielding plants that grow to be about three to four feet tall.