Loofah (Luffa) Seeds

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Used as a bath sponge, loofahs (also spelled luffa) gently exfoliate skin. The blood circulation the sponge induces on the skin has been credited as a relief for rheumatic and arthritis sufferers. The versatility of the loofah goes beyond producing sponges. Young loofah are delicious in soup or stew. They can also be cooked like summer squash.

Because loofahs have a compact network of close fibers, they are useful for many products like filters, slipper soles, and baskets. Small pieces of loofah sponges are good for scraping vegetables like carrots without having to remove the valuable nutrients by peeling them. You can also wash dishes, scrub bath tubs, and scrub sinks with loofahs. When they become soiled throw them in the washer. Loofahs are environmentally safe, biodegradable and a renewable resource.