7 Pot Douglah Pepper Live Plant

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Scoville Heat Units (SHU):
1,150,000 - 1,800,000

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One of the rarest and hottest of the 7 Pot pepper strains, the 7 Pot Douglah is similar in size to the Chocolate 7 Pot pepper, but the Douglah has a much higher heat level. When tested on the Scoville Heat Scale at the NMSU Chile Pepper Institute, the 7 Pot Douglah pepper  was as high as 1,800,000 Scoville Heat Units. 7 Pot Douglah pepper plants, which  typically grow to be about three to four feet tall, produce wrinkled peppers that are slightly smaller than tennis balls. 7 Pot peppers fall under the super hot category because of their very spicy heat level.  It’s slightly hotter than the Red 7 Pot, making it one of the hottest peppers in the world, but not quite as hot as the Carolina Reaper or Trinidad Moruga Scorpion on the Scoville Heat Scale.

 There are several different colored strains of 7 Pot peppers, including the Red 7 Pot,  Yellow 7 PotWhite 7 PotChocolate 7 Pot7 Pot Brain Strain, and 7 Pot Primo. The 7 Pot pepper is related to the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world.

Plants are shipped in 3 inch reusable plastic pots and are approximately 4 to 6 inches tall.

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  • 5
    Very healthy

    Posted by Luke O'Neil on 27th Sep 2019

    Good looking plant. TY!

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    Healthy plant

    Posted by Danny on 1st Aug 2019

    I'm excited to plant this... it looks amazing. I will buy more next year.

  • 5
    Good plants

    Posted by Will on 22nd Jun 2019

    I've ordered two plants and both arrived in great shape. Very happy!