Instructions for Your Live Plant

We hope you're excited about receiving your plant and embarking on the fun and rewarding journey of growing your own food! Here are instructions for your plant:

1. Carefully remove your plant from the box.

2. Remove the tape around the plant.

3. Water and light is necessary but don't over water. Keep your potted plant away from direct sunlight.

4. Begin to harden off your plant once outside temperatures are warm enough. See our planting directions for how to harden off your plants.

5. Transplant in a larger pot or plant outside after the last frost.


A great deal of care has been taken to package your plants. Still, it has been in a dark box for two or three days and possibly exposed to extreme temperatures. Your plants may look a little wilted or dry, but this is not uncommon and nothing to be concerned about. With proper watering, your plants will rejuvenate themselves.