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Our Story

Tyler Farms is a small farm that utilizes organic farming techniques to grow and harvest pepper seeds. Headquartered in Southern California, we grow all of our pepper plants in isolation, harvest the peppers during our long California grow season, and hand select seeds to ensure the highest quality product. All of our seeds are harvested at their peak of freshness and are thoroughly washed and ready to be planted at any time. 


Our Mission

At Tyler Farms, our mission is to provide home gardeners and large scale growers with a wide range of organic pepper seeds, including rare and exotic varieties. Our unique pepper collection caters to all taste preferences, including those who prefer sweet peppers, super-hot peppers, or anything in between.


Organic, non-GMO Seeds

Through our sustainable agricultural practices, we are committed to providing you with organic seeds. This commitment reflects our concern for the quality and health of our environment. All of our seeds are both organic and non-GMO. While scientific research suggests that organic produce may be more nutritious, we prefer growing organically because it helps us keep chemicals out of our bodies.



Our Soil

Healthy soils are rich in organic matter and "alive" with microorganisms, which break down nutrients to make them available to plants. We combine our native soil with composted material, including fruit and vegetable scraps, to create a nutrient rich soil that allows our plants to flourish. We also use all natural fish emulsion and bone meal to enhance our soil structure.



Biological Pest Control

By building up populations of beneficial insects, we are able to combat harmful pests. These beneficial insects, including ladybugs, help us by eating adult pests and eating pest eggs. Ladybug colonies are frequently spotted at Tyler Farms along with other beneficial insects that work as our biological pest controllers.


In addition to providing seeds to home gardeners, we also supply seeds to hot sauce companies and restaurants that grow their own produce. Meals that include jalapenos, ghost peppers, or other exotic peppers are more popular than ever. The recent surge in spicy fast food items, spicy chips, and spicy craft beers is a result of the nation’s growing love of spicy foods. America’s fast-growing obsession with fiery food has carried over into the condiment industry. The hot sauce market in the United States has grown over 150% in the last 15 years.


Our product lines also include citrus seeds and luffa seeds.